Get a residence permit in Hungary for 1 year

  • Cost: from 7 500 EUR from 6 750 EUR
  • 100% guarantee of result
  • Processing time: 4 months
  • No requirements to reside in the country
  • No language skills required
  • Full legal support

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Advantages of Hungarian residence permit programs

Free travel to the EU and Schengen Area

The period of residence permit issuance is 4 months

Access to international markets

No requirements for the knowledge of Hungarian language

Tax incentives, grants, and subsidies for both residents and businesses

Steadily developing economy

A Hungarian residence permit allows you to:

  • Reside freely on the territory of the state
  • Be officially employed in any EU country
  • Receive preferential education in the best European universities
  • Open accounts in reliable European banks
  • Use quality medical services under a single insurance policy
  • Receive various social benefits, allowances and pensions
  • Obtain a European-style driver's license
  • Buy and sell liquid real estate in the EU

Options to obtain a Hungarian residence permit


7 500 EUR 6 750 EUR

Processing time: 4 months

  • Residence permit is granted for 2 years
  • Permanent residence granted after 3 years as a temporary resident

The procedure is suitable for those who:

  • Wants to be employed in a EU country
  • Wants to enter the EU and Schengen Area without a visa
  • Aim to obtain a residence permit or permanent residence in a European country
  • Plans to immigrate to another EU country in the future

by company registration

from 8 000 EUR 7 200 EUR

Processing time: 4 months

  • Residence permit is granted for 2 years
  • Permanent residence granted after 3 years as a temporary resident

The procedure is suitable for those who:

  • Outsourced workers
  • Runs a business
  • Has a passive income
  • Plans to work in Hungary

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The power of the Hungarian passport

Applicants are granted the status of a resident of Hungary for a period of 2 years with the right of further extension. After 3 years of living in the country with a residence permit, the foreigner can apply for permanent residence and then a Hungarian citizenship.

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4 steps towards a Hungarian residence permit


Conclusion of a contract

iWorld specialists will answer your questions, find the grounds for residence permit application and draw up a cooperation agreement.


Preparing the documents

iWorld lawyers will prepare all necessary documents for D visa application.


Submission of documents

Upon arrival in Budapest, you will be accompanied by an iWorld lawyer to submit the documents for a residence permit.


Obtaining a residence permit

Once your application is approved, you will receive a residence permit for 2 years and the right to enjoy all the benefits of a Hungarian resident.

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A Hungarian residence permit will allow you to:

  • Open a business/employment in the EU country
  • Permanent residence permit after 3 years
  • Register residence permit for all members of your family

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3 simple requirements for Hungarian residence permit applicants

  • Age under 65 years
  • Higher education
  • No criminal record

People choose iWorld as a guarantee of:

Guarantee of successful immigrationThe company guarantees the client a successful relocation to the European Union after conclusion of the bilateral agreement.

Cooperation under the agreementLegal assistance from the company will be provided only after signing a bilateral agreement on cooperation.

Support at all stagesThe company provides comprehensive legal support to immigrants, starting from consulting and ending with assistance in filing documents.

Timely delivery of servicesAll services mentioned in the bilateral cooperation agreement will be provided by our specialists on time.

ConfidentialityThe company provides reliable protection of personal data of the client as well as information about transactions, signed documents and change of immigration status.

High level of professionalismThe company employs qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of immigration services.

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This block contains answers to frequently asked questions about the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Hungary

The basic package of documents required from an applicant for a residence permit includes:

  • internal and international passports;
  • birth certificate;
  • health insurance policy;
  • agreement of purchase or rent of the apartment;
  • bank account statement;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • 2 passport-type photos;
  • diploma translated into Hungarian.

Other documents are provided according to the basis chosen for immigration to Hungary.

A resident can take advantage of the family reunification program in Hungary, which allows to relocate the spouse, minor children and elderly parents. Family members first obtain a residence permit and then apply for a Hungarian permanent residence permit through a simplified procedure.

A foreign company operating in the Hungarian market for more than a year is exempt from double taxation. Since January 1, 2017, Hungarian law obliges foreign businesses to pay a corporate tax of 9%. All companies opened in Hungary also pay VAT (up to 25%), local industrial tax (up to 2%) and income tax (up to 18%).

According to the Hungarian "Citizenship Act", foreigners who become Hungarian citizens legally have the right not to renounce their primary citizenship, if it does not contradict the legislation of the country of their primary residence.

The company's specialists thoroughly study the client's case. If there are no critical remarks on the case, a cooperation agreement is signed with the client, which is a guarantee of successful immigration to Hungary.

If you apply for a residence permit in Hungary, you will be able to:

  • Reside legally in Hungary
  • Travel freely to 31 European countries
  • Open accounts in European banks

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